Proving way to drink Garri this Lassa fever season

Oya Follow the steps outlined by Nairacoded below:
1. Put the garri in a dry frying pan/pot.
2. Place it on the fire and allow it to fry for 10mins so that the heat will kill the Lassa virus.
3. Pour the garri out on a wide tray & allow it to get cold. Make sure ur eyes are on the garri to avoid the virus coming back cos if it does hmmmm, e go worse pass the 1st tym oh.
4. Put the garri on a plate and add the necessary (sugar, salt, glucose, powder, honey, milk, Milo, groundnut, aki, water etc). This is strictly base on ur choice but if u want to add all, no problem.
Then ur delicious and tasty drinking garri is ready for consumption…
Thank me later…

How you see am?

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