[Very Hot]latest mtn free browsing with 0.0k
Hello Nairacoded fans we are here with a new cheat for mtn users

1 – its requires 0.0k on your account

2- your android phone

3- Simple server or psiphon

4- your time

Let go no long story

If you don’t have the above listed apps you can download the from this portal using the search box
Either simple server or psiphon with this key word

The settings is simple u need thesame setup and method to use this cheat on both simple server and psiphon aka syphon shield


APN web.gprs.mtnonline.net
Proxy empty
Port 8080

Configure your simple server with this

Injector and query

*. mtnonline.com/data-reset

Leave any other settings then connect it


*. Mtnonline.com/data-reset

Connect through HTTP

Use this

About to test it now….

Tested n confirmed …..✅✅✅…

Comment if it worked for you
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